The final page of “Cyberfrog: Blood Honey” is due today; will Ethan Van Sciver meet the deadline?

In an effort to speed up completion of his Cyberfrog: Blood Honey graphic novel, writer/artist Ethan Van Sciver hired an editor who put a hard deadline of 30 April (today) for Van Sciver’s work on the 88-page book to be finished.*

As of today, Van Sciver is to turn over the final pages of Blood Honey so that they can be colored (by phenom colorist Kyle Ritter), lettered and ultimately printed. That would leave Van Sciver free to start on his next project, Reignbow Brute, which is a parody of traditionally “girl” properties such as Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony and Care Bears, except infused with a healthy, girthy dose of testosterone. That also means that your window for buying into the record-breaking Cyberfrog project is closing fast, so get your ass to Indiegogo and get your dick self some Cyberfrog while you still can.


Will EVS meet the 30 April deadline? Will he livestream himself completing work on the final page as he suggested he would? Will a wayward lemon meringue pie distract him from his creative duties.

I dunno. Go bug him on social media. That’s what I do.

Up next for EVS – Reignbow Brute

*Note: the author of this post is a backer of the Cyberfrog: Blood Honey crowdfunding campaign.

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