Furry-phobic trolls are already attacking the new “Sonic the Hedgehog” movie trailer (humor)

Here we go again.

It’s barely been a day since Paramount released the Sonic the Hedgehog movie trailer, and there is already a brigade of Furry-phobic, literal Nazis “thumbing down” the trailer on video hosting sites, and slandering the movie with hate speech like “Sonic’s design is ugly,” “Didn’t laugh once,” and “I don’t want to see it.”

Careful, boys. Your HATE SPEECH is showing.

Oh, and don’t let anyone off the hook if they happen to say “But I think Detective Pikachu looks good!” We all know that’s just a dog-whistling code phrase to other Furry-phobes.

These attacks are coming from all corners the Internet, but not exclusively from incel manbabies still living living in their parents’ basement. The Furry-phobia is also being broadcast by YouTubers like “Angry” Joe Vargas and Yong Yea, even Mega Visions Magazine editor-in-chief, Chris Powell, is giving anti-Furry hate speech a voice. All Furries want is to have sex with anthropomorphic animals, you garbage people!

Attacking Hollywood’s inclusion of marginalized voices like Furries is really shitty, but it honestly tells us more about the trolls launching their attacks than it does the Sonic movie itself. If there’s one thing that the scientific community has unquestionably taught us, it’s that anyone who is critical of people in other groups is secretly hiding their own closeted tendencies. (Homophobes are secretly gay, the French are secretly British, Arachnophobes are secretly spiders, etc.)

So fight back against the trolls! Watch the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer for yourself below and give it a thumbs up, that is, unless you’re a Furry-hating racist, sexist misogyphobe!


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