Doug TenNapel reveals plans for “Earthworm Jim” comic book

It’s a great month for Earthworm Jim fans.

Hot off the heels of the release of his Bigfoot Bill graphic novel, comic book author and Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel has revealed that an Earthworm Jim comic book is in the works. This news comes just days after Intellivision announced that a new Earthworm Jim video game is in development exclusively for their upcoming Amico console. Not only that, but SEGA revealed in April that the original Earthworm Jim would be one of 40 games included with their upcoming Genesis Mini. Groovy!

TenNapel has been teasing a big, secret project for weeks on his YouTube channel, leaving fans wondering why he doesn’t simply hit the ground running on a Bigfoot Bill follow-up. I suppose now we know what the big secret has been, but what do we actually know about the Earthworm Jim comic book? Not much, other than it will be written and drawn by TenNapel himself will begin crowdfunding soon on Indiegogo, while Bigfoot Bill 2 will launch in early 2020. There’s an Earthworm Jim comic website where you can sign up for email updates on the project, but there’s no more information on the site at the time of this writing.

This is the entire Earthworm Jim comic website at the moment

How many more Earthworm Jim revelations are waiting in the wings? A new toy line? A motion picture featuring the voices of Owen Wilson as Jim and Gal Gadot as Princess What’s-Her-Name? Just please, whatever you do, don’t make it live-action.

You can sign up for email updates on the Earthworm Jim comic book project here.


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