Comic creator Doug TenNapel’s nose art adopted by U.S. Air Force for newly-commissioned plane

Over the weekend, comic book and video game creator Doug TenNapel (Bigfoot Bill, Earthworm Jim) visited Beale Air Force Base as an honored guest of the 940th Refueling Wing. The occasion? The Air Force was commissioning a new KC-135 plane, and members of the wing had selected a piece of TenNapel’s artwork to adorn the plane’s nose.

The design for “Old Grandad” includes a buff, Atlas-inspired rendition of Uncle Sam quite literally bearing the weight of world on his shoulders. TenNapel had the honor of personally unveiling the nose art, after which Airmen from the wing gifted him a large piece of sheet metal featuring his design.

This commissioning ceremony capped off a busy weekend for TenNapel, who spent much of his time in California working with old colleagues from Shiny Entertainment on a new Earthworm Jim game for the Intellivision Amico.

It must feel pretty awesome to have your art carried into the wild blue yonder by heroes of the U.S. Air Force. Congratulations to Doug TenNapel for having his slick, patriotic design honored in such a cool way!

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