The Indiegogo campaign for Clint Stoker’s “Downcast” ends successfully; still available in-demand

Over the weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for Clint Stoker’s graphic novel Downcast ended successfully on Indiegogo, raising more than $26 thousand. By reaching that total, the Downcast project met every one of its stretch goals, included extra story pages, a sketch and development section, and a foil-stamped cover.

But what’s Downcast all about? Downcast is a 52-page science fiction graphic novel written by Stoker, featuring artwork by Ignacio Lazaro and letters by Eric Weathers.

Here’s a plot summary taken from the Downcast Indiegogo page.


“Joanne and her brother Jax are on the run from a corrupt government when the power to control gravity falls into their hands. With their father held captive and sentenced to death, can they use this legendary and incredibly powerful weapon to save him before it’s too late?”

Did you miss the Downcast crowdfunding campaign? Don’t sweat it, because the Downcast Indiegogo page has transitioned to an in-demand store for a limited time, so you still have a chance to pre-order the book if you’re interested.

Congratulations to Clint Stoker and the rest of the Downcast team. You can visit the Downcast Indiegogo page here.

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