Intellivision to reveal 22 Amico-exclusive games at E3… behind closed doors

Intellivision has announced that they will debut their Amico console next week at E3… behind closed doors. C’mon, Tommy! Don’t you trust us?!

Intellivision will bring playable Amico systems and controllers along with 22 playable games… behind closed doors. Grrrr!

Here’s the rationale for a behind-closer-doors reveal according to Intellivision Entertainment CEO/President Tommy Tallarico:

“…we are still a year and 4 months away from launch and we want to be sure we can take the appropriate time with the appropriate folks to explain our goals. But we will be showing as much as we can as we are so excited about how incredible all of the games are turning out!”

It’s seems that Tommy can talk that corporate speak real good, huh?

Intellivision also announced that they are taking a 4-pronged approach to the Amico’s launch library, all of which will be represented at E3. Here is their breakdown of these categories:

  • 25% Classic/Retro – Re-imagined and upgraded favorites (including graphics, audio, modes and of course local Co-Op & Versus modes!)
  • 25% Original IP’s – Brand new games that no one has ever experienced and that shows off the fact that Amico has both a touch screen and tactile controls in a multiplayer environment.
  • 25% Sports/Recreation – Not only the sports everyone would expect, but also a lot of casual and recreational sports like bowling, shuffleboard, pool, darts, fishing, etc.
  • 25% Board/Dice/Card/Word/Puzzle Games – Something that most non-hardcore gamers will feel comfortable with and can play with their family & friends.

All Amico games are intended to be 100%-exclusive to the platform and developed using the Karma Gaming Engine, which has previously been referred to as “Equal Opportunity Gaming” (which I suppose means that even gaming “journalists” will be able to play, too?).

On the slightly more “meh” side of Intellivision’s recent announcement, the Amico will also ship with a variety of color options, five of which will be shown off next week during E3 (GameCube “spice” or GTFO). The company has also opened new offices in Europe and the UAE. Now I can’t stop thinking about a falafel-themed remake of Burgertime.

That’s a lot of reveals, but it’s a bummer that so many will not be made public. Considering that so many are expecting big PS5 and Xbox Scarlett news at E3 this year, will a low-key Amico reveal make any kind of a splash?


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