E3: SEGA’s “Alien: Isolation” coming for your Nintendo Switch in 2019

“In handheld mode, no one can hear you scream.”

During the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct presentation, SEGA revealed that their critically-acclaimed sci-fi horror game Alien: Isolation would be coming to the Nintendo Switch by the end of 2019.

Originally developed by Creative Assembly for PlayStation, Xbox & PC platforms, Alien: Isolation follows the terrifying adventures of Amanda Ripley as she takes to the stars to discover the fate of her missing mother, Ellen Ripley.

Spoilers! She finds Xenomorphs.

There’s no word on whether the Switch version will have any extra bells & whistles, but I’d like to suggest a super-duper easy mode (we can call it “game journalist mode”) where you simply take off and nuke the Sevastopol space station from orbit with the press of a single button. Roll credits.

You can watch the Alien: Isolation Switch debut trailer below.


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