“Final Fantasy VII Remake” director confirms censorship by Square Enix’s “ethics department”

In a recent interview with Weekly Famitsu, Final Fantasy VII Remake director Tetsuya Nomura confirmed that several elements of the long-awaited RPG were being altered from the original. While the physical magazine is not available online, summaries of key points have been translated and provided by Ryokutya2089 and Games Talk.

Among these changes, there are two which will stand out for those concerned that the final game will be censored.

First, the Honey Bee Inn cross-dressing sequence is still in the game, but it’s… modernized. According to the interview:

“We’ve made it more modern. If we made the place like we did in the original game, the physical uneasiness would be overwhelming, so that was no good….”

In the original Final Fantasy VII, the Honey Bee Inn was a sequence in which Cloud attempts to rescue Tifa from a brothel after mistakenly believing that she’s been kidnapped. Cloud chooses to infiltrate the brothel cross-dressed as a woman, where he possibly, depending on how you play, could find himself in a hot tub with a group of gay men.

Unfortunately, there is not more clarification of what Nomura means by “modern”, but it’s clear that fans of the original can expect some changes in the remake.

The second piece of note is the one discussing Tifa Lockhart’s design. According to Nomura:

“We wanted Tifa to have abs, so she now has more of an athletic body type. The ethics department at Square Enix also said we had to tighten her chest so it doesn’t look unnatural during all the intense fighting. Because of that we added black thigh highs and tank top.”

“Ethics department?” While there could be some nuance lost in translation, it’s still particularly ridiculous to think that the existence of buxom women is “unethical”. It undoubtedly will disappoint some Tifa Lockhart fans to know that Square Enix is self-censoring their original vision for the character by covering up her legs and tightening (think more “compressing” than “shrinking”) her unethical chest. Has anyone made an “Ethics in game ta-tas” joke, yet?

If you’re wondering why Square Enix has an “ethics committee” in the first place, it’s quite possible that it may exist to anticipate restrictions imposed by Sony, who has taken a particularly censorious turn in the last year to ensure that games on their PlayStation platforms meet what they believe are global standards.

Some other elements of Final Fantasy VII that have been changed in the remake include:

• The Watchmen of Fate (the black mist) are strange beings that appear wherever the party goes
• Additional dialogue options which change depending on player responses
• New story events in addition to the main story
• Aerith and Tifa are differentiated with one having a western-style look and the other an eastern-style look
• you can fight without added frustration with shortcuts. When you launch the command menu, time slows down and you can fight like a traditional command battle.
• Each playable character now has different enemy affinities
• A new item is required for MP recovery
• A few new enemies added

Are you concerned with any of these changes to the original Final Fantasy VII, or do they seem appropriate enough? It looks like we’ll be waiting until the first installment of Final Fantasy VII Remake releases in 2020 to discover exactly how much of the game has been “modernized.”

Source: Niche Gamer


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  • As one of many avid fans of Final Fantasy VII, in my opinion, the overwhelming majority of alterations from the original didn’t bother me at all. I honestly felt that the new Wall Market sequence did a great job of fleshing out and demonstrating the atmosphere of the location and just how…disgusting…Corneo really is.

    As for Tifa, the change to her chest size affected me about as much as when they gave Lara Croft the same treatment in the Tomb Raider reboot. That is to say, it didn’t at all. She’s still one of, if not *the* bustiest character in the game. Probably. I spent 0 time comparing cup sizes in the game, so I make no claim as to the accuracy of that.

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  • Elliander Eldridge

    I actually liked the changes made to Tifa overall. Even her chest size felt appropriate.I remember that her original bio in the PSX manual listed her as being DD cup, which she looks like she has in the remake. It’s the original cut scenes that didn’t match her bio.

    That being said, I felt that by going in the opposite extreme in “boob jiggle physics” they made her look less natural. In real life, the kind of sports bra she wears would be very appropriate and would keep movement to a minimum, but there would still be movement. In the game there were only two cut scenes in the entire game that I saw her breasts move even a little bit. To me, that made them seem like solid pieces of plastic, so they achieved the opposite of their intended goal in doing that. Seriously, given all the intense fighting, real breasts shouldn’t be fixed immovable mountains and there’s nothing unethical about representing the female form in a realistic manner. If anything, I feel that it is unethical to do things like this as it gives entire generations of girls unrealistic expectations about their own bodies.


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