Square Enix has censored ”Final Fantasy 8 Remastered”

It looks as though Square Enix’s upcoming remaster of Final Fantasy VIII will indeed be censored. Japanese outlet Dengeki Online recently posted several screenshots of the new version on PS4, and as you can see from the comparison images below (provided by Hiecchi), the Siren enemy character model in Final Fantasy VIII Remastered has additional feathers placed on her waist to more extensively cover up her pelvis and upper thighs.

Cover yourself up, slut!

Interestingly, the character design for Shiva was not changed, despite her wearing a similarly-styled cup over her groin. As One Angry Gamer points out, this is possibly due to Siren’s cup more closely resembling pubic hair, as in the Siren’s case, the “carpet would indeed match the drapes”, so to speak.

Siren’s is not the only character model change in the remaster, either. Rinoa’s clothing was also altered to cover up more of her cleavage than before. Check out the breakdown below.

It is unknown at this time whether these censored models apply only to the PS4 version of Final Fantasy VIII Remastered. Given Sony’s censorious turn over the last year, the PS4 version may be the only one affected. However, if the change originated from Square Enix’s Ethics Department, (the company’s own internal content approval body), then it’s very likely that the Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC versions of the game will be similarly censored. It’s already been confirmed that the Square Enix Ethics Department is responsible for censoring Tifa Lockhart’s design in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake, after all.

Final Fantasy VIII Remastered is scheduled to launch on 3 September.

Source: One Angry Gamer


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