Wyatt Holliday’s new fantasy comic “Ardanna” delivers swords, sorcery, and blondes to Indiegogo

Earlier this week, independent comic book creator Wyatt Holliday launched a crowdfunding campaign for Ardanna #0, a 22-page, full color comic intended as the starting point of a four-issue arc, and possibly even the beginning of an ongoing series if the project is successful enough.

Written by Wyatt Holliday and featuring artwork by D. Flores, colors by B. Salaberry and letters by the prolific Eric Weathers, Ardanna promises “classic sword & sorcery violence, suggestive themes, badass beautiful women, and is suggested for readers ages 13+.”

But what is Ardanna actually about? Here’s a plot summary taken from the Indiegogo page.

Ardanna #0 is your introduction to a sword & sorcery world of savage steel, beautiful heroines, dark magic, wicked creatures, and a history that has been erased by those in power, but is now being rediscovered.

Ardanna’s father was a world-traveling adventurer obsessed with piecing together clues that would prove his stolen birthright. During his voyages, however, the fragments he discovered began to reveal part of a larger history that has seemingly been erased by those who have been in power for the past 200 years.

Now, having been inspired by his many stories as a child, Ardanna begins her search for her missing father, while attempting to complete his work in discovering their lost lineage – and through it – a history that has been stolen from the world.

Backers can get a physical copy of Ardanna #0 for $15. For those with more cash to spend, there are additional options for perks and swag including variant covers and multiple copies of the book.

Is your interest aroused? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Ardanna Indiegogo campaign page here.


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