Wyatt Holliday’s “Eternal Armor” is a Love Letter to Classic Super Robot Adventures

Independent comic book creator Wyatt Holliday (Ardanna, Rocket Gal and the Mole Men of Mars) is prepping a crowdfunding campaign for his next project, Eternal Armor, a 64-page, sci-fi graphic novel described “a love letter to Super Robot adventure” stories akin to the work of Go Nagai (Mazinger, Grendizer), Leiji Matsumoto (Yamato, Danguard Ace), and Yoshiyuki Tomino (Gundam).

Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the Eternal Armor Indiegogo pre-launch page:

Twenty years ago, the discovery of a mysterious robot changed the world. A pilot used the robot to save it a decade later. Now, dark forces return to Earth, where the secrets of an age-old conflict will be revealed on the final battleground.

Eternal Armor will be a 64-page black & white graphic novel centering around Super Robots, their human counterparts, and the struggle consuming them, as relationships are forged and enemies are made.

While we all wait for the Eternal Armor campaign to launch in October, you can sign up for email updates on the project here. If you do sign up and then choose to back the book, you’ll receive an exclusive trading card.

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