Sci-fi horror comic “Strangelove: I want to be Chrome” successfully funded on Indiegogo

Earlier this month, independent comic book creator Brenden Swan launched a crowdfunding campaign for Strangelove: I Want to be Chrome via Indiegogo. The project recently achieved its funding goal, putting it one big step closer to becoming a reality.

Strangelove is a 40-page one-shot book written and illustrated by Brenden Swan, who warns that the story draws from sci-fi and horror themes not appropriate for young children.

Here’s a summary of the project taken from the Indiegogo campaign page:

Caught in a deadly affair of the heart, Robin comes to find he has entered too deep to pull out easily.  Apparent to the risk to his own life (not to mention those around him), he can’t help but fall for her deadly charm.  What will Robin do, rid the world of this dangerous device or give in to Beauty No. 2’s passion?

Copies of Strangelove start at $10. Those with more cash to spend can get additional bonuses, including additional copies of the book, signed copies, a sketchbook and a page of original artwork.

Now that the book itself is fully funded, Swan can focus on the push for stretch goals. If Strangelove raises $8 thousand, then the story will be expanded to 60 pages. If it reached the $15 thousand mark, then it will be fully colored.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Strangelove: I Want to be Chrome Indiegogo page here.


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