“PUBG” banned in Jordan; “Fortnite” and others could follow

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been banned in Jordan by the Jordanian Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (TRC), citing “negative impacts for players of all generations”. The TRC is now considering banning at least six other popular battle royale games, including Fortnite.

According to the TRC’s Director of Beneficiaries Affairs, a study was conducted to deal with complaints from citizens about the terrifying spread of menacing videogames. 

Battle royale games have recently come under fire from several censorship-minded governments. PUBG was banned in India earlier this year. In May, communist China pulled PUBG from digital stores and replaced it with a propaganda-laden version titled Game of Peace. The government of Nepal also banned PUBG temporarily, although the Nepalese Supreme Court quickly halted the ban, claiming it wasn’t justified. (Psssst! Because it’s not…) As for Fortnite, Prince Harry of the U.K. stated in April that he believed Fortnite should be banned, citing concerns that it’s “addictive.”

Source: Censored Gaming

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