Visual novel “Raspberry Cube” now the 30th PS4 product to be censored by Sony; Switch version remains unaltered

The Japanese website Switchsoku has revealed that iMel’s upcoming visual novel Raspberry Cube is censored on PS4, while the Nintendo Switch version remains intact.

According to Raspberry Cube‘s official product listing, the changes are significant enough for the PS4 version to receive a CERO C (15+) age rating while the Switch version has a CERO D (17+).

So what was cut censored out from the PS4 version? Raspberry Cube was intended to be a very risqué game, but Sony looks to have insisted on the removal of panty shots (giggity), upskirt shots (giggity!), and “cameltoe” shots. (Giggity, GIGGITY!)

If you are yet unaware of Sony’s censorious turn over the past year (particularly when it comes to Japanese-developed games), the company has adopted a new internal regulatory board (based in California, the pearl-clutching capital of the world) to scrutinize and approve games submitted for publishing on PlayStation platforms. It’s important to note that Sony’s new review board is completely separate from national rating boards which have already been in place for decades.

Gaming website One Angry Gamer has compiled a list of all the instances of Sony enforcing changes on PlayStation content. By our count, Raspberry Cube is now the 30th instance of Sony’s content policy resulting in content being censored, altered or cancelled altogether.

Nintendo, despite once being the censorship champion of gaming, has now announced that they will not interfere with games created by third-party developers so long as the games are properly rated by the regional ratings boards, and that doing otherwise would restrict a developer’s creative freedom.

You can watch the trailer for the Nintendo Switch version – as the developers intended it – below. If you’re a Western gamer interested in picking up a digital version of Raspberry Cube for the Switch, you can do so (as One Angry Gamer points out) by switching your home region in your Nintendo Network profile to “Japan” and then purchasing the game from the eShop. You may need a Japanese points voucher from in case your PayPal account doesn’t work for purchases.

Source: One Angry Gamer


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