Lovecraftian horror “The Case of the Littlest Umbrella” is on the precipice of “six figures young lady!”

At the time of this writing, the all-ages, Lovecraftian horror graphic novel The Case of the Littlest Umbrella has raised more than $96 thousand on Indiegogo. That puts it very close to the blessed “six figures bitc young lady” threshold! (Hey, it’s an all-ages comic, after all) Will it make the big 1-0-0-0-0-0 before the in-demand store closes?

The Case of the Littlest Umbrella is written by YouTube personality known as “That Umbrella Guy” (aka TUG) and illustrated by Keung Lee (Battle Maiden Knuckle Bomb). You can visit the project’s full Indiegogo page here. If you would prefer to support TUG directly (he’s recently been doxxed, had his property destroyed at his home, and has a kid on the way to boot), you can support his Go Fund Me campaign here.

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