Coffin Comics giving Lady Satanus her own book

When Coffin Comics launches Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem on Kickstarter tomorrow, it will officially introduce a new character to the Lady Death universe: Lady Satanus. After being revealed on one of the variant covers for Blasphemy Anthem, Coffin Comics has received quite a bit of positive feedback on the character from fans. This has prompted the creators to give Lady Satanus her own book.

According to Blasphemy Anthem co-writer Mike MacLean:

“The sneak preview of Dawn McTeigue’s Lady Satanus cover for the Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem #1 really created a buzz… As for the character herself, if you took a wicked, silver-tongued socialite and gave her access to the darkest magics of Hell, you’d have an idea of what Lady Satanus is like.”

The Lady Satanus story is still early in development so there’s no release date for her book yet, but Lady Death creator/writer Brian Pulido and co-writer Mike MacLean will be co-authoring the project.

In the meantime, the Lady Death: Blasphemy Anthem crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to launch tomorrow, 7 August.

Source: Comic Crusaders

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