Art Thibert launches sci-fi/comedy graphic novel “Chrono Mechanics” on Indiegogo

Earlier this week, renowned comic book artist Art Thibert (Black and White) launched a crowdfunding campaign for Chrono Mechanics, a 48-page book (60 if certain stretch goals are met) featuring a fully stand-alone story. Featuring the creative talent of Pamela Thibert (co-writer), Narwhal (colors), Jeff Eckleberry (letterer) and Render Contender (pencils assist) and of course, Art Thibert himself (writer/artist), Chrono Mechanics is a sci-fi adventure described as a mishmash of The Looney Tunes and H.G. Wells.

Here’s the pitch taken from the Chrono Mechanics Indiegogo campaign page:


Being a Chrono Mechanic is not an easy job!  If you’ve ever had to repair something, then you know that if anything can go wrong — it will — and in the most painful and time consuming manner possible!  Now throw in four individuals with massive egos who are racing against the clock to repair Time before merging Timelines make the whole earth go kaflooie, and you begin to see where humor and slap-stick fun come into play.  Oh, and yes, kaflooie is a technical term. 

We hope you will join this hilarious adventure of Team 9.2 of Sector 7, the best team of ‘knuckle-busting, working class Joes’ to ever punch a time card as they wreck their Time Ship (again!), lose the fourth member of their team (again!) and take on a disinterested lazy recruit as they struggle to save earth as we know it.  Hey, to these guys, it’s just all in a day’s work!

So climb on board a Chrono, Inc. Time Ship with Oot (entrepreneurial caveman), Caravaggio (Renaissance artist/inventor), Zyn (alien child deity) and Doug (70s rock legend) as they and our full cast of insanely funny characters save Time and keep the universe from falling apart!

Backers can get a signed copy of Chrono Mechanics (along with a trading card) for $25. Those with more cash to spend can pick up quite a bit more extra swag, including additional copies of the book, additional trading cards, a poster, several variant covers and a sketchbook.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Chrono Mechanics Indiegogo campaign page here.


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