J. Scott Campbell reveals “Harley Quinn’s Villain of the Year” variants

Earlier this week, renowned comic book artist J. Scott Campbell teases out four variant covers for Harley Quinn’s Villain of the Year, a spinoff book featuring a number of the DC Universe’s ne’er-do-wells as they gather at the Hall of Doom for “Villainy’s biggest night.”

These variants feature Harley styled in several different outfits sure to make the modern-day Puritan shriek, “WhErE aRe HeR oRgAnS!?” Harley shares cover space with other Gotham City natives including Catwoman, Poison Ivy, the Joker, and the Dark Knight himself, so there’s quite a few pairings to pick from.

These variants feature line art by Campbell and colors by Sabine Rich, and will be available either signed or unsigned (signatures cost a $20 signing fee). These comics will be sold exclusively through Campbell’s website starting tomorrow – Saturday, 16 November – so don’t forget mark your calendars or else the joke will be be on you.

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