“Johnny Phantasm” to be published by Caliber Comics; sequel begins crowdfunding this fall

The crowdfunding campaign for Johnny Phantasm in the Tales of New Detroit, 1977 ended successfully over a year ago. Now that backers have their books in-hand, there will apparently be another chance to pick up the book thanks to Caliber Comics.

On a recent livestream hosted by Ethan Van Sciver, Johnny Phantasm creator Patrick Thomas Parnell announced that the first book will indeed be published by Michigan-based publisher, Caliber Comics. Consistent with the Johnny Phantasm‘s pulp era influence, the book will also be printed on news print.

Why did I say “first book”? Because Parnell also announced that he will be crowdfunding a second Johnny Phantasm book tentatively titled Johnny Phantasm: Halloween 1985. Parnell intends to launch the crowdfunding campaign for the sequel via Indiegogo in fall 2020.

Are you unfamiliar with Johnny Phantasm? Here’s a quick summary of the first book taken from the Tales of New Detroit Indiegogo page:

Johnny Phantasm is a 80+ page story of a 1970s New Detroit hitman who has lost all ability to care. He has pushed away his family, his love, and any feeling of empathy. When a hit on a corrupt priest goes sideways, Johnny is cursed with an immense other-worldly power… at the price of what’s left of his soul.

A mix of underworld gangsters, disco balls, violence and voodoo…

Johnny Phantasm is Beetlejuice meets Scarface!

Interested? Keep an eye out at your local comic shop for Johnny Phantasm in the Tales of New Detroit, 1977 when it releases later this year, and stayed tuned to The Splintering for more information on Johnny Phantasm: Halloween 1985 as it becomes available.

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