Richard C. Meyer briefly considered for “Outsiders” mini-series for DC Comics’ “Murphyverse”

DC Comics recently opted to give writer/artist Sean Gordon Murphy his own Batman imprint based on his Curse of the White Knight series. The unofficially-dubbed “The Murphyverse” is an out-of-continuity Batman universe in which the Caped Crusader is a particularly brutal crime fighter, the villainy of the villains isn’t always so clear-cut, and there have been multiple Harley Quinns.

Murphy has already announced his partnership with other creative talent including Blake Northcott (Everglade Angels) to contribute to his imprint, and new internal documents show that Jawbreakers creator Richard C. Meyer was considered for a Murphyverse writing gig for a mini-series based on The Outsiders. However, sources indicate that this consideration was short-lived after Murphy found himself the target of online attacks for working on cover art for Earthworm Jim creator Doug TenNapel, who has himself been targeted online for his personal political and religious views for many years. This controversy was the breaking point for a DC Comics partnership with Meyer (aka Ya’ boi, Zack), who started his rise to prominence as an outspoken, crass, but brutally honest comic book critic on YouTube (which hasn’t made him very many friends in the mainstream comic industry as a result).

You can check out more on the leaked DC Comics documents here.


Meyer is adept at writing superhero teams such as his “Jawbreakers” series


There’s no word on what exactly The Outsiders book would have looked like in the Murphyverse, such as which characters would have been on the team, who pitched Meyer’s name as a potential creator in the first place, and whether the mini-series is even still happening after the COVID-19 comic industry collapse (it has not formally been announced). While disappointing, don’t worry too much about Meyer. He’s been regularly raking in more than $100 thousand dollars a piece (Six figures, bitch!) on multiple Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns, many of which are still in-demand including Jawbreakers – GØD-K1NG, Iron Sights: Two Psychos, The Expendables Go to Hell and PANdemIC.

Would you have liked to see a Richard C. Meyer-helmed Outsiders book as part of the Murphyverse? Let us know in the comments!

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