DC Comics Greenlights “Murphyverse” Batman imprint headed by Sean Gordon Murphy

On Monday, comic book creator Sean Gordon Murphy announced that DC Comics has greenlit an imprint based on his Batman: White Knight series. Unofficially dubbed the “Murphyverse”, the Gotham-centric books will pick up where Murphy’s Curse of the White Knight series left off, and feature characters including Nightwing, Batgirl, and Harley Quinn.

According to Murphy’s announcement, he will be outlining stories featuring several Batman-related characters, while different writer/artist teams will helm the individual books. While not going into too many specifics, Murphy did outline four rules for his Murphyverse books, which are:

  1. Dead characters stay dead
  2. No inner monologues
  3. Products come out on time
  4. Only the best talent who puts customers/readers first

That last rule is going to narrow the creative field quite a bit, especially when pulling from the modern DC Comics bullpen. Still, here’s hoping that Murphy can cobble up some talent who are as positive as he is when it comes to engaging with fans.

For those out of the know, the “Murphyverse” refers to an out-of-continuity Batman universe that began with Batman: White Knight and continued with The Curse of the White Knight. In this universe, the Caped Crusader is a particularly brutal crime fighter, the villainy of the villains isn’t always so clear-cut, and there have been multiple Harley Quinns.

There. You’re completely caught up.

The Murphyverse may be just the thing that DC needs to grab some engaged readers after squandering their post-Rebirth goodwill.

Good luck, Mr. Gordon Murphy, sir. If you stick to those rules, I predict great success!

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