Cheeky Gaming Ads: Vintage Japanese Flyers

Before the world went nuts and people turned into whiny-ass vanguards of social righteousness, video game advertisements were frequently quite awesome. This is the second post highlighting samples of how the video game industry didn’t take itself so seriously and let their advertisements reflect the spirit of their games… through fun.

In this go-around, we’re looking exclusively at Japanese game flyers. (To see our Cheeky Gaming Ads installment covering western arcade game flyers, click here)



Is that a golden spear in your pocket, or are you just digging this ad?


Starring your mom, bitch!


Gambling? Guns? Hot babes? “Won’t someone please think of the children?!”


My sword certainly feels a little bit “magic” right now.


It’s your one-way ticket to midnight! Call it- METAL NIPPLES!


Note the tiny screenshots to see what the game is actually like. This marketing is brilliant.


We will distract these sword-bearing brutes with your boobs, then we will kill them with bullets!


“I just dropped in- to see what condition my condition was in.”


Presented without comment.


Where’s a GameBoy camera when you REALLY need one?

Thanks for reading! To see Cheeky Gaming Ads featuring western arcade game flyers, click here.


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