Billy Tucci Preps “Shi: Haikyo” for Launch on Indiegogo

Now that fulfillment on Shi: Return of the Warrior is complete, celebrated comic book artist and Shi creator Billy Tucci is prepping the next chapter in Ana Ishikawa’s story: Shi: Haikyo.

Haikyo will come with a hardcover option, both a standard and a cosplay variant cover (featuring actress Joanie Brosas), and the campaign will be 100% Indiegogo exclusive. This may disappoint some Kickstarter fans, but considering that Indiegogo takes a smaller chunk of a campaign’s proceeds and doesn’t gatekeep projects based on a creator’s personal politics, going all-in on Indiegogo makes sense. It’s business, bitch.

But what is Shi: Haikyo all about? Spoilers for Shi: Return of the Warrior ahead!

I don’t usually go for cosplay covers, but… dayum

After the terrifying events of Shi: Return of the Warrior, Ana Ishikawa must now save her daughter who’s been kidnapped by the murderous Dr. Blevins. To do so, she’s forced to ally herself with her lifelong enemy, the manipulative Masahiro Arashi, but is it all a trap laid by the Yakuza Oyabun?!?!

If all goes according to plan, the crowdfunding campaign for Shi: Haikyo is scheduled to launch on Thursday, 19 November. So yes, very, very soon. Tucci is also planning a girthy, 424-page Shi: Omnibus, for March 2021, but we may be getting ahead of ourselves.

For now, you can sign up for email updates on Shi: Haikyo at the Indiegogo pre-launch here.


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