Ethan Van Sciver’s ALL CAPS Comics to Publish “Jawbreakers 4”

On Friday, renowned comic book creator Ethan Van Sciver announced that his independent publishing house ALL CAPS Comics would be publishing future books by Richard C. Meyer, including the yet untitled Jawbreakers 4.

Meyer and his own venture, Splatto Comics, currently have several books in the hopper awaiting fulfillment (including the third Jawbreakers book, Grand Bizarre). The ALL CAPS publishing deal won’t go into effect until Splatto’s current slate is clean. Any of Meyer’s books published by ALL CAPS will maintain the Splatto Comics branding as an imprint label.

This is a monumental development in indie comics. Jawbreakers: Lost Souls is largely recognized as being the first book to be launched as part of “ComicsGate”, a movement of comic book consumers and creators disillusioned with plummeting comic shop sales and concerns of political/ideological encroachment into the professional practices of the mainstream comics industry. Van Sciver’s Cyberfrog series has since become the most successful franchise in the ComicsGate movement.

Congratulations to both Meyer and Van Sciver on penning this new deal. Now, upward and onward to bigger, better things!

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One comment

  • Ethan’s best friend

    So Meyer, who has a history of being late with his books, doesn’t want to publish them anymore. Instead he gets someone who is just as worse with getting their books out on time. Looks like Meyer is too lazy to publish it himself.


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