Art Thibert’s “Black & White Vol 2” Rakes in the Green on Indiegogo

What is black and white and covered with green?

On Thursday, renowned comic book creator Art Thibert launched a crowdfunding campaign for Black & White Volume 2, the follow up to the first book that was successfully crowdfunded in 2018. Volume 2 is already off to a great start, having raised roughly $30 thousand at the time of this writing.

This is yet another example of how both new and veteran comic book creators alike are uniting under the “ComicsGate”* banner, successfully using crowdfunding to connect directly with audiences without the need for corporate approval or agenda-driven interference.

Written and illustrated by Thibert (X-Men, Chrono Mechanics) and this time co-written by Joe Fulton, Black & White Vol 2 is a 64-page graphic novel that combines superhero action and corporate espionage.

Here’s the official plot synopsis taken from the Black & White Vol 2 Indiegogo campaign page:

Black and White have boots on the ground once again as they confront Jake Chang (AKA JC) as he begins his ‘burn the mother down’ campaign to bring on his NEW WORLD ORDER! So that from the ashes will rise the Phoenix World order which is ruled by deadly robots with one master.

We know that Reed and Whitney have an adversarial relationship and that Reed is usually left holding the bag when it comes to Whitney’s less than stellar decisions, but will her thirst for vengeance destroy the team before it even has a chance? Keeping Whitney focused may just be the death of Reed.

Backers can get a signed copy of Black & White Vol 2 for $25. If you have more money to spend, you can also pick up the following:

  • Multiple copies of the book
  • Variant covers
  • Trading Card
  • Mini Art Print
  • A separate B&W adventure titled High Octane
  • Copies of B&W Vol 1 if you need to catch up (we reviewed it here!)
  • A chance to have your likeness drawn into the final book

It’s also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $10 for those in the United States.

Congratulations to Art Thibert on a successful launch. You can check out the cover gallery below, or visit the full Black & White Volume 2 Indiegogo campaign page here.

*Note: We define “ComicsGate” as a loosely-knit network of comic book creators and consumers disillusioned with plummeting traditional comic book sales and concerns of political/ideological encroachment into the professional practices of the comics industry.

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