“The Embrace” Creator Teases Trojan War Book – “Promachoi”

Independent comic book creator Michael Oden (The Embrace) recently took to social media to show off a long-gestating project Promachoi, which is set (tentatively) for a 2023 release.

Promachoi is intended to be a visual retelling of the events surrounding the Trojan War from a historical – not mythological – perspective. Think the movie Troy, but hopefully a lot better.

The title Promachoi likely comes from the Greek term meaning the “front line” of soldiers in a phalanx formation, a word used to describe the fighters in… wait for it… Homer’s Iliad. This may be a sign that the book will focus on the baddest of badass fighters in the Trojan War, rather than the slippery machinations of the political elites (Agamemnon is such a snake, am I right?).

Here’s what Oden has to say about the Promachoi project so far, followed by teaser images of Achilles.

While it’s way off to the horizon, I want to announce something very special to me. 20 years of fascination and research have led me to this point. Coming in 2023 (fingers crossed) I present Promachoi, the historiographic telling of the Trojan War.

Promachoi aims to deliver:

-Period accurate armor, dress, and weaponry

-Authentic setting pieces based around archaeological digs and historical recreations of them

-A story that tethers the famous stories into a compelling, multi-perspective narrative grounded in reality

Be transported to the lost era of the Mycenaean Bronze Age as an unseemly alliance bound by a nonaggression pact of Danaan Warchiefs invade the prosperous Region of Ilium.

Like Oden’s previous books, it is likely that Promachoi will be crowdfunded. You can keep up on the latest developments on Promachoi by following Michael Oden via social media here.

Thanks for reading!

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