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“The Embrace” Creator Teases Trojan War Book – “Promachoi”

Independent comic book creator Michael Oden (The Embrace) recently took to social media to show off a long-gestating project Promachoi, which is set (tentatively) for a 2023 release. Promachoi is intended to be a visual retelling of the events surrounding the Trojan War from a historical – not mythological – perspective. Think the movie Troy, but hopefully a lot better.

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Michael Oden Prepping Dark Hero Tale “The Embrace” for a 2021 Launch

Independent comic book creator Michael Oden is currently hard at work preparing his next project for a crowdfunding launch on Indiegogo. Inspired by dark superhero stories such as The Crow, Oden’s The Embrace will be a 30+ page story about “Loss, Fatherhood, and Justice as a father gets saved by the ghost of his son.” Oden himself is no stranger

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Mythological Fantasy “Elysian Fields: the Pyramid Gambit” Now on Indiegogo

The champions of Hades and heroes of Osiris have an all-out brawl! Earlier this week, 9 Realms Publishing launched a crowdfunding campaign for Elysian Fields: the Pyramid Gambit, a 60-page graphic novel that follows from the “Zero Issue” that was successfully funded earlier this year. Written by Michael Oden and featuring illustrations by Marcelo Oliveira Costa, The Pyramid Gambit is

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