Gabe Eltaeb Reveals “Truth Justice American Way” Comic Book Coming Soon to Indiegogo

Veteran comic book creator Gabriel “Gabe” Eltaeb recently revealed that he intends to launch a crowdfunding campaign for an all-new independent project titled Truth Justice American Way, a 64-page superhero graphic novel. Eltaeb made the announcement on a recent livestream hosted on Ethan Van Sciver’s Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel, which you can watch here.

Eltaeb recently resigned from DC Comics, in part due to recent changes made to DC’s flagship characters. Most notably, Eltaeb took issue with Superman dropping his motto that he stands for “truth, justice, and the American Way,” which DC has replaced with “Truth, justice, and a better tomorrow.”

As it turns out, DC no longer holds any rights to the phrase, so Eltaeb is stepping up himself to pick up the banner.

Here’s the official pitch taken from the Truth Justice American Way pre-launch page, followed by the first look at the book’s titular trio of heroes:

Comic books are an original American art form!

My partner David Williams and I present to you our love letter to classic comic book escapism. Let’s celebrate what we love about comics, why they are important, and why the tradition of inspiring, uplifting, and thrilling, heroic adventures should be preserved.

The keen-eyed will see the words “the easy way” on Justice’s gun and “the hard way” on his nightstick

The crowdfunding campaign is expected to go live sometime on Presidents’ Day weekend (19-21 February). While we all wait, you can sign up for email updates on the project via the Truth Justice American Way pre-launch page here.

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