Retro-Inspired Twin-Stick Shooter “Devastator” Now on PC, Consoles

On Friday, game publisher 2Awesome Studio (2AS) announced that the new twin-stick shooter Devastator is now available on Steam PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch.

Featuring a blend of both retro and modern aesthetics, Devastator is an arcade-style shooter with vector-inspired graphics and a high-energy electronica soundtrack.

Here is the official breakdown of Devastator from 2AS:

SYSTEM initializing…

Multiple virus infections detected…

Launching DEVASTATOR program…

You are the Devastator! Your objective is to eradicate 15 types of viruses in 3 unique modes: Quadrants, Sectors, and Cycles.

In Quadrants, the wave layout is constantly changing as you battle increasingly intense waves of random viruses for 5 minutes. In Sectors, there are 55 unique waves of viruses across 5 sectors. And in Cycles, you’ll battle semi-randomized spawning viruses across 5 variations of 11 waves. Complete your objective as the Devastator and take back control of the System!

Devastator features vector-inspired visuals mixed with HDR colors, four customizable full-screen filters and mesmerizing particle effects, all while running at insanely high framerates on high-resolution monitors.

Key features:

15 different types of viruses

3 different game modes: Quadrants, Sectors and Cycles.

• Defeat random viruses for 3 minutes

• Wave layout changing constantly

• 55 unique waves of viruses across 5 sectors

• Battle semi-randomized spawning viruses

• Powerful powerup drops

• Built with next-gen in mind running at 4K 120FPS

Devastator is developed by Radiangames available now on Steam PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch for a retail price of $6.99.

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