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Classic Arcade-Inspired “Smoothcade” Joins Steam Next Fest in October

2Awesome Studio recently announced that their upcoming title Smoothcade will be participating in Steam Next Fest from 3-10 October. That means players will get a chance to try out the classic arcade-inspired game for themselves, including Endless Island mode, which unlocks once you clear the main demo. This mode challenging mode features procedurally generated levels that increase in difficulty as

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Classic Arcade-Inspired “Smoothcade” Coming to Steam PC, Consoles Later This Year

2Awesome Studio recently announced plans announces they will publish Smoothcade later this year for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, Xbox and Steam PC. Developed by Joseph J., Smoothcade is a multiplayer puzzle-platformer inspired by classic “clear the screen” arcade games like Bubble Bobble, Snow Bros., and Dig Dug. Here’s the official breakdown of Smoothcade from 2AS, followed by the announcement trailer: Smoothcade

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Retro-Inspired Twin-Stick Shooter “Devastator” Now on PC, Consoles

On Friday, game publisher 2Awesome Studio (2AS) announced that the new twin-stick shooter Devastator is now available on Steam PC, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch. Featuring a blend of both retro and modern aesthetics, Devastator is an arcade-style shooter with vector-inspired graphics and a high-energy electronica soundtrack. Here is the official breakdown of Devastator from 2AS: SYSTEM initializing… Multiple virus

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