Richard C. Meyer’s $1 “Jawbreakers” Gambit Pays Off

Last week, independent comic book creator and Splatto Comics founder Richard C. Meyer launched a crowdfunding campaign for Jawbreakers Forever, the latest installment in the Jawbreakers superhero action series.

The project is already fully funded, having raised more than $108k at the time of this writing, all despite having an asking price of only a single dollar.(!)

Written by Richard (Ya’ Boi Zack) Meyer and featuring illustrations by Aaron Alfeche and colors by Color Channel, Jawbreakers Forever is the direct sequel to Jawbreakers: GØD-K1NG (please tell me that this is the last time that I’ll have to spell that out).

Here’s the official pitch taken from the Jawbreakers Forever Indiegogo campaign page:


Most of the original members of the team were killed during the events of JAWBREAKERS: GØD-K1NG, so Silkworm rebuilds the team with mostly new members. But when one mission goes beyond sideways, Silkworm and Kuffz are sent to federal prison!


When they get out years later, they are shocked to find out that the original JAWBREAKERS team members are alive…and want NOTHING to do with them!


AZAZ, a Pre-Cosmic Entity who was introduced in JAWBREAKERS: GRAND BIZARRE has damaged the multiverse irreparably when she grabbed alternate versions of the dead JAWBREAKERS from parallel timelines. Two competing teams of JAWBREAKERS must work to keep all of existence from crashing in on itself!

As mentioned above, backers can get a copy of Jawbreakers Forever $1 (limit one per person), while additional copies can be snagged for another $25. So where is that $100k+ coming from?

Meyer is counting on backers picking up a few add-on purchases at checkout, and it seems to be working. Not only can you grab previous Splatto books, including those from the Jawbreakers and NARZACK series, but there are also two other all-new books available, KUFFZ: Origin and RUNNER. Below is a brief description of each:

KUFFZ: Origin (written by Meyer and illustrated by Kenneth Loh)

Fresh out of the penitentiary, Kuffz seeks to re-establish himself as the preeminent BLACK superhero in NYC. Accepting a challenge from a supervillain in Harlem, Kuffz learns more about his own origin…and forms a team of his OWN!

RUNNER (written by Meyer and illustrated by Per “Narwhal” Berg)

A messenger for an ancient army is tasked with telling a squad of warriors to risk their lives confronting a giant who is guarding a vital pass. Tired of being disrespected by the “real” soldiers, the messenger decides to take on the mission HIMSELF!

It is also worth noting that there is an additional shipping charge starting at $5 for those in the United States (making the baseline buy-in $6).

Interested? Don’t hold off for too long- the $1 deal will come to an end once the book-to-backer ratio dips below 2. It’s one of ya’ boi’s OCD things, maybe.

You can check out some sample artwork below (the final artwork will be in color), or visit the full Jawbreakers Forever Indiegogo campaign page here.

Thanks for reading!

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