Retro-Inspired Action Game “Prison City” Coming to Consoles, PC in 2023

What makes a terrorist a “techno-terrorist”? Glow sticks?

Indie game publisher Retroware recently announced that arcade-style action game Prison City is coming to both PC and consoles in 2023.

Developed by Programancer, Prison City is inspired by 8-bit NES side-scrollers such as Shatterhand and Power Blade, complete with a retro, pixel art aesthetic. Players take on the role of a hard-boiled retired cop who is called back into action to free a dystopian city from the clutches of vicious techno-terrorists.

Here’s the official breakdown of Prison City from Retroware, followed by the latest trailer:

Cancel your retirement and grab your chakram — because it’s time to get back in the game! As former cop Hal Bruzer, take on the Chief’s request to raid Prison City’s security zones and bring an end to the Techno-Terrorists’ reign.

Do rad things like:

  • Throw a chakram or grab some grenades, eat hot dogs to restore health, and find contacts to obtain key cards to wardens’ safe rooms,
  • Uncover hidden weapon and health upgrades,
  • Grapple through 8+ zones, ranging from Sewer, Factory, and Reserve,
  • Rock out to Raddland Studios’ (Retro City Rampage, Shakedown Hawaii) OST
  • And talk to a dolphin?!

Prison City is currently planned to release for both PC and consoles in 2023.

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