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AlphaOmegaSin returns to YouTube to discuss the “Final Fantasy VII Remake” E3 trailer

After a year-long hiatus, the popular gaming commentator known as AlphaOmegaSin has returned to YouTube. What stirred this potty-mouthed metal head from his self-imposed YouTube slumber? The new E3 trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake. And like any other topic that has historically captured his interest, Alpha had quite a bit to say and not nearly enough Ritalin to stop

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E3: “Contra: Rogue Corps.” is the Contra game that nobody was asking for

Filed under “W” for “We don’t learn from our mistakes”, Konami is yet again abandoning the 2-D gameplay from their classic Contra series in favor of an overhead, 3-D shooter. The result is Contra: Rogue Corps., a game that resembles the ill-fated Contra: Legacy of War for the SEGA Saturn and original PlayStation than any of the Contra titles that

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E3: “Shenmue III” backers demand refunds after Epic Game Store exclusivity announcement

During the E3 2019 PC Gaming Press Conference, publisher Deep Silver and developer Ys Net have confirmed Shenmue III is going to be exclusive to the Epic Games Store on Windows PC. That may come as a surprise to Valve, as the Shenmue III Steam page is still live at the time of this writing and backers of the original

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Dynamite Comics’ “Vampirella” reboot is already a smash hit in pre-sales

Vampirella is celebrating her 50th anniversary with a bang! Dynamite Comics has announced that current orders for the first issue of their upcoming Vampirella reboot series are projected to run in excess of 60 thousand copies. This makes it the most successful Vampirella comic of the modern era, as well as one of the top comic books for the month of

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“Cyberfrog” variant covers of “Vampirella Vs. Re-Animator” are printing money

Over the weekend, comic book creator Ethan Van Sciver (Green Lantern) launched a unique crowdfunding campaign for a variant cover edition of Vampirella Vs. Re-Animator #1 featuring EVS’s own Cyberfrog and Salamandroid characters. The campaign has already producing quite a bit of green for Van Sciver, having raised well more than one thousand percent of its original goal for a

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Axel and Blaze get get physical in new “Streets of Rage 4” off-screen footage

SEGA and Dotemu officially revealed Streets of Rage 4 in March, and now we have roughly ten uninterrupted minutes of gameplay footage of the new brawler thanks to gamers at BitSummit, the Japanese gaming exhibition. Here’s the off-screen footage before I waste your time with more yapping. While we don’t have a list of platforms confirmed yet, seeing as how

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