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Empire Comics’ “Wraith of God” Scaring Up Big Bucks on Indiegogo

On Thursday, veteran comic book creator Aaron Lopresti launched his own independent comic book label, Empire Comics, with a crowdfunding campaign for Wraith of God, an all-new, 72-page graphic novel. The campaign is already off to a great start, having raised more than $35 thousand at the time of this writing. With those numbers, that means the first stretch goal

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Aaron Lopresti expects you to pay money for walking, talking trash – “Garbage Man” now live on Indiegogo

Over the weekend, veteran comic book creator Aaron Lopresti launched a crowdfunding campaign for Garbage Man, a hardcover edition collecting both Garbage Man mini-series originally published by DC Comics. These stories are “creator-owned”, so now Lopresti is putting all of his hard work together in a girthy, 120-page volume of smelly, trashy goodness. Here’s the full plot summary taken from

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