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National Videogame Museum discovers scrapped plans for “Alien Vs. Predator” football game

Whoever wins…. …Ah, forget it. We all definitely lost out in the early 90s, because there were apparently plans drawn up for an Alien Vs. Predator football game (God’s American-style football, not European footsie-ball) which never fully materialized. Originally pitched for the SEGA Genesis (Mega Drive) console, Cosmic Hard Bowl pits Xenomorph against the Yautja in a carnage-infused battle on

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First look at Shane Black’s “The Predator” gets mixed reaction

On Thursday, 20th Century Fox released the first teaser trailer for Shane Black’s reboot of The Predator, and the reaction online was… mixed. Before forming your own thoughts, give the trailer a quick watch then scroll below to see some of the Internet’s more spirited comments.       Viewers wasted little time voicing their opinions on The Predator trailer,

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