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“Wolverton” creator Michael Stark asking for help to beat Lyme Disease

Last week, independent comic book writer and Wolverton: Thief of Impossible Objects creator Michael Stark announced that he was steeped in a renewed battle against Lyme Disease. Stark has suffered with Lyme off and on for 25 years, but describes his most recent bout with the disease is described as the worst he’s ever experienced. To make matters worse, Stark

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Fake “Lonestar” page created on GoFundMe.com

The Indiegogo campaign for Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier recently ended successfully, raising over $150 thousand. It’s no wonder then that fraudsters would try to capitalize on Miller’s good fortune. Yesterday, “Musky Elon” pointed out on social media that a fraudulent Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier page had been created by one “Tevin Adam” on the crowdfunding

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