Fake “Lonestar” page created on GoFundMe.com

The Indiegogo campaign for Mike S. Miller’s Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier recently ended successfully, raising over $150 thousand. It’s no wonder then that fraudsters would try to capitalize on Miller’s good fortune.

Yesterday, “Musky Elon” pointed out on social media that a fraudulent Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier page had been created by one “Tevin Adam” on the crowdfunding website GoFundMe.com. Mike S. Miller has since confirmed that the GoFundMe page is a fake.

Lonestar is not the first independent comic book project to be fraudulently duplicated. A fake Cyberfrog Kickstarter was set up last year, though it was created during the authentic Cyberfrog: Blood Honey campaign period, so it was likely designed to confuse potential backers. Seeing as how the official Lonestar: Soul of the Soldier Indiegogo campaign is now closed, this new GoFundMe attempt looks more like a cash-in. Shame on you, Tevin Adam of Brooklyn, New York!

Fortunately, the fake Lonestar GoFundMe campaign has yet to receive any donations.

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