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Bullet Hell Shooter “Razion EX” Coming to Switch eShop Next Week

On Friday, independent game developer NGDEV announced that their horizontal-scrolling bullet hell shooter Razion EX will be released on the Nintendo Switch eShop on 16 September. The game has been available for a few months in physical format via NGDEV’s website, but this is Razion EX’s first wide release in a digital format. First released for the Neo Geo in

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“Gunlord X” for Nintendo Switch arrives 22 May in all its retro-inspired glory

NGDEV recently announced that their “Eurostyle platformer” Gunlord X is coming to the Nintendo Switch eShop on 22 May. Originally released as Gunlord for both the SEGA Dreamcast and Neo Geo in 2012, Gunlord X an enhanced port of the original featuring quite a few tweaks and updates to round out the package. The game looks to take significant inspiration

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