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Spotlight: DC Direct’s Batman Black and White Statue Series (Monochrome May Special)

Batman Black and White is an anthology series focusing on the universe of the titular character, as depicted in short stories by the very best talent in comic books. Originally a four-issue series produced by DC Comics in 1996, the format proved to be so successful that not only did it inspire four additional Batman Black and White series (totaling

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Celebrated Batman artist Norm Breyfogle passes away at 58

“Aw, fuuuuuck.” That’s exactly what I belted out the moment I read that Norm Breyfogle had passed away on Monday. It didn’t matter that I was in public, or that I was surrounded by elementary-aged kids (and their parents). You know what? I’m not even really all that sorry, either, because this one stings. Breyfogle was the artist drawing Batman

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