Celebrated Batman artist Norm Breyfogle passes away at 58

“Aw, fuuuuuck.”

That’s exactly what I belted out the moment I read that Norm Breyfogle had passed away on Monday. It didn’t matter that I was in public, or that I was surrounded by elementary-aged kids (and their parents). You know what? I’m not even really all that sorry, either, because this one stings.

Breyfogle was the artist drawing Batman when I got into comics, and very few creators have had their take on a character burned into my brain as the “default” version as Breyfogle. Dan Jurgens’ Superman is the Superman, Simon Bisley’s Lobo is the Lobo, and Norm Breyfogle’s Batman is the Batman- to me, at least.

Other than working on a variety of Batman-related comics between 1987 and 1992, Breyfogle also illustrated books for Image, Archie, & First Comics. He also co-created the Ultraverse at Marvel Comics, in addition to illustrating Avengers, Black Panther and Moon Knight.

At the time of this writing, Breyfogle’s cause of death has not been announced. He has struggled with his health in recent years, suffering a major stroke in 2014 which left him paralyzed on his left side and unable to work as a result. At the time, friends and fans came together to raise money to help fund his recovery, in addition to assistance coming from the Hero Initiative.*

Rest in peace, Mr. Breyfogle. I hope you raised up your drawing hand and gave Saint Peter a whopping high-five as you passed through the pearly gates.

*The Hero Initiative is a non-profit charity that assists comic creators who fall into financial hardship. To learn more about the Hero Initiative, click here.

Detective Comics 610 comic book cover

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