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Crowdfunding Review: “Zombie-Sama!” (Festival of Dread Special)

Welcome back to the Festival of Dread, The Splintering‘s month-long celebration of all things dark and dystopian! Today, we’re featuring yet another “Crowdfunding Review” of an independent comic book, this time it’s Zombie-Sama! written by Billy Tucci and featuring illustrations by John Broglia and colors by Paul Little. For those of you not familiar with the crowdfunding review format, we

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“Zombie Sama” Kickstarter campaign crosses $20k; follow-up Indiegogo campaign confirmed (updated)

Billy Tucci’s upcoming graphic novel Zombie Sama is already a crowdfunding success on Kickstarter, having achieved full funding in the first seven hours of the campaign. As of today, the action/horror gore-fest crossed yet another milestone by raising more than $20 thousand. That’s not all of the Zombie Sama news for today. After a girthy dose of badgering inquiring from

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Billy Tucci’s action/horror graphic novel “Zombie Sama” launches on Kickstarter

On Wednesday, renowned comic book creator Billy Tucci (Shi) launched a new crowdfunding campaign for Zombie Sama, an all-new 60-page graphic novel marrying horror, action and what looks to be girthy doses of violence. The project is already an instant success, as it was fully funded in the first seven hours.* At the helm is Billy Tucci in the writer’s

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