“Zombie Sama” Kickstarter campaign crosses $20k; follow-up Indiegogo campaign confirmed (updated)

Billy Tucci’s upcoming graphic novel Zombie Sama is already a crowdfunding success on Kickstarter, having achieved full funding in the first seven hours of the campaign. As of today, the action/horror gore-fest crossed yet another milestone by raising more than $20 thousand.

That’s not all of the Zombie Sama news for today. After a girthy dose of badgering inquiring from us here at The Splintering, Tucci confirmed via social media that he would be conducting a one- (maybe two?) week crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo after the Kickstarter crowdfunding period ends.* That’s great news for those who prefer Indiegogo as a crowdfunding platform, perhaps made even more exciting by the fact that Tucci intends to make the Indiegogo version its own “exclusive edition.”

Billy Tucci confirms follow up campaign

What does “exclusive edition” refer to? A unique cover, perhaps? Maybe extra content? Time for more badgering!

Zombie Sama is an all-new 60-page graphic novel written by Billy Tucci (Shi) and featuring illustrations by John Broglia (God Complex), colors by Paul Little and lettering by Mindy Lopkin. You can visit the Zombie Sama Kickstarter campaign here, or if you prefer, wait for the follow-up campaign on Indiegogo.

*updated on 5 February to reflect clarifying information from Mr. Tucci

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