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The strange state of modern gaming – SEGA publishes “Crash N.Sane Trilogy” for Nintendo Switch in Japan

It doesn’t seem long ago that SEGA fans were asked to get used to seeing Sonic the Hedgehog appear on Nintendo and Sony consoles. Only a few years later, SEGA would actually be producing a game featuring Mario in the form of Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games while Sonic himself would become a regular in the Super Smash

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Five characters Nintendo should have killed off instead of Luigi

As most Nintendo fans have already seen, the Big N released new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate details via a Nintendo Direct this week. In addition to revealing several new features, stages and fighters including Donkey Kong Country‘s King K. Rool and both Simon and Richter Belmont from the Castlevania series, Nintendo used the opportunity to show Luigi’s soul being ripped

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