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Unlikely Prequel “Slave Zero X” Unveiled for PC, Consoles

On Thursday, game publisher Ziggurat Interactive unveiled Slave Zero X, a side-scrolling sci-fi brawler, is coming soon to both PC and consoles. Co-developed by Ziggurat and Poppy Works, Slave Zero X is a prequel to the original Slave Zero released for the SEGA Dreamcast in 1999. Veterans of the first game might notice that Slave Zero X looks quite a

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Ziggurat Interactive Acquires “BloodRayne”, other IPs from Majesco

Game publisher Ziggurat Interactive has announced that they have acquired the rights to several licenses previously held by Majesco Entertainment, including Advent Rising, Raze’s Hell, Flip’s Twisted World, and BloodRayne. Ziggurat intends to update these games on PC platforms, and have expressed interest in developing the series in the future. Specifically, Ziggurat revealed that they are working with the original

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