First issue of new sci-fi horror comic “Stardust” hits Indiegogo; fully funded at light speed (Updated)

A new sci-fi/horror comic Stardust was launched on Indiegogo Monday and was fully funded within the first 24 hours.

Stardust is created by writer Nasser Rabadi and illustrator Shawn Langley, who appears to be heavily inspired by the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft. Both creators have previously delivered on past creative projects, as Rabadi has published two novels while Langley has worked on a graphic novel for Source Point Press as well as on Marvel’s trading card line.

According to the Stardust Indiegogo page, the story follows an alien being who is the only survivor of his ship’s crash landing on earth, and he’s out to avenge the death of his fallen shipmates.

Stardust currently weighs in at 20 pages, but project creators Rabadi and Langley have promised to increase the page count to 28 pages if they hit their $3000 stretch goal, which seems very much in sight. However, these 8 extra pages would be made up of two backup stories, not 8 pages of filler to the main Stardust story.

The creators also noted that while Stardust is a standalone story, they have more ideas for horror-themed comics if the Stardust crowdfunding campaign is successful. I won’t pretend to know how they define “success”, but being 100% funded on the first day has to be an encouraging start.

Check out the slideshow below for some sample pages, or head to the Indiegogo page here and check out Stardust for yourself.

*Update: Stardust has also already achieved its first stretch goal of $3K, so those extra eight pages should be on their way into the final book.

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