The Indiegogo campaign for Nasser Rabadi’s “Stardust” ends successfully; next up: “Brutus the Badass”

On Tuesday, the crowdfunding campaign for Stardust ended successfully, raising 756% of its original goal for a total of over $15 thousand.*

Stardust is a sci-fi horror comic written by Nasser Rabadi and illustrated by Shawn Langley, who appears to be heavily inspired by the mythology of H.P. Lovecraft. The Stardust Indiegogo campaign was an immediate success, surpassing its original funding goal on the first day. The project also hit several of its stretch goals, including a trading card, bookmark, and extra pages added in the form of an 8-page backup story.

Stardust Comic art

Now that the crowdfunding period is ended, the Stardust team expects the final pages to be completed in the next two weeks, with printing and shipping estimated at another two weeks.

As for future projects, both Rabadi and Langley noted that they have more ideas for horror-themed comics. Rabadi is also collaborating with artist Donal DeLay for an upcoming project Brutus the Badass (below), which promises to be an action/comedy, so quite a departure from the horrific overtones of Stardust. DeLay has likened Brutus to comics including Lobo and S.C.U.D. the Disposable Assassin, so fans of those gun-toting bounty hunters have something to look forward to.

Stardust Dohal Art

If you missed the Stardust Indiegogo deadline, you’re pretty much out of luck for the moment. If you don’t want to miss Brutus the Badass, start skipping a few trips to Starbucks as Brutus is planned to launch on Indiegogo this October.

*Disclosure: the writer of this post is a backer of the Stardust project on Indiegogo

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