“Cyberfrog” returns to Indiegogo with a variant cover for a limited time; fully funded in 8 minutes (updated)

On Wednesday Cyberfrog creator Ethan Van Sciver created a new crowdfunding campaign for Cyberfrog: Blood Honey via Indiegogo. Sound familiar? It should. The original Blood Honey campaign broke records in July as the most-funded comic book in crowdfunding history.

The major change this time around is the new campaign will fund a copy of the book with variant cover art featuring Cyberfrog’s brother, Salamandroid. All of the stretch goals of the original campaign apply to the new one, even a chance at a high-quality chromium cover if the new project reaches $100k in funding. That’s a realistic prospect, as this variant cover edition was fully funded in 8 minutes and has raised over $17 thousand at the time of this writing.

Why bring it back? According to Van Sciver, a large number of people who missed the original campaign have been asking for another chance to get in on the Cyberfrog action. Van Sciver runs the growing Comic Artist Pro Secrets YouTube channel, and many of these requests have come from new subscribers to the channel.

However, Van Sciver has another motive behind the return of his amphibious avenger. Since the end of the massively successful initial Cyberfrog campaign, Ethan Van Sciver and several other independent creators have been under fire from comic professionals creators employed by the major comic book publishers. These online attacks have ranged from rudimentary insults to sending unsolicited close-ups of one’s “back hole” over social media. Seeing as how this type of behavior seemed to ramp up when he didn’t have something to sell, Van Sciver chose to “monetize the outrage” and please a few customers in the process. Sounds like some solid capitalism to me.

CyberFrog Van Sciver character Indiegogo

Recently, lagging sales at comic shops and concerns of political/ideological encroachment into the professional practices of the comics industry (see above paragraph) has led several creators to turn to crowdfunding. Among these, Cyberfrog has been the most successful, followed by other projects such as Mitch Breitweiser’s Red Rooster: Golden Age, Brian Pulido’s Lady Death: Apocalyptic Abyss and Team Splatto’s Jawbreakers: Lost Souls.

Cyberfrog: Blood Honey is written and illustrated by Ethan Van Sciver and features colors by Kyle Ritter. You can check out the new Cyberfrog Indiegogo page here. Hop to it, though, this new campaign is for one week only and ends on 5 September.

Or does it? Ribbit.

*Update: 30 August* Ethan Van Sciver announced that a $10 thousand donation will be made to the Orchid cancer foundation if the new Cyberfrog campaign reaches $50 thousand.

**Image of Salamandroid updated.

Cyberfrog Blood Hornet Indiegogo

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