Five figures… brah? The Indiegogo campaign for Earthbound comic crosses $10k in final days

Over the weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for Earthbound: Between Two Breaths on Earth ended successfully, raising 247% of its original funding goal for a total of over $10 thousand. Not to be confused with the Nintendo RPG series with a similar name, Earthbound is a manga-influenced science fiction graphic novel created by Per Berg (aka Narwhal). This graphic novel covers the first half of Berg’s Earthbound story, so there’s larger tale to tell if you enjoy this one.

Below is a plot summary taken from the Indiegogo campaign page:

“In the Universe of Earthbound there are 13 Sponsors across the galaxy. They recruit the greatest contenders on each planet and submit two every four years to the GGPT, Galactic Grande Prix Tournament. They hold a draft every year for an exclusivity contract, so other Sponsors won’t compete for the same contenders. But once you draft a contender, you still have to go out and recruit them. A subclass of warriors emerged to make a living specifically on the task of recruitment, known as headhunters. Even headhunters are often compelled to do their job by blackmail and threats of punishment. Freedom is not guaranteed, even Free Will is not guaranteed.

“Spaceman and Julia are sent to Earth to recruit the Sirens of Violence, four deadly warriors hiding out. Whoever recruits more of the four shall earn their freedom. In the case of a tie, Wiz Kid, their ex-teammate who happens to be stranded on Earth, will be the tie breaker. Wiz Kid was recently drafted by the 13th Sponsor. He is a very late draft pick but he’s also a Dark Horse, one Handler in the 13th ward has a mysterious high stakes bet on him.”

Upset that you missed the crowdfunding period? Like many other Indiegogo projects of late, the Earthbound campaign page has transitioned to an in-demand store for a lmited time. Backers can get a digital version of Earthbound for just $8, while physical copies (all signed by Berg) start at $20. Those looking for extra perks to buy into can also get extra copies of the Earthbound, original artwork, a sketchbook, and even a chance to have your likeness drawn into the final book. (If you take a sniff, I’ll bet each book will also have a slight hint of mortadella.)

You can read more of The Splintering’s coverage of Earthbound: Between Two Breaths on Earth here or visit the full Earthbound Indiegogo page here.

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