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You have a second chance to get Per Berg’s “Earthbound”, this time as a hardcover

Last year, master delicatessen professional comic book writer/artist Per Berg (aka Narwhal) successfully crowdfunded his girthy 148-page graphic novel Earthbound: Between Two Breaths on Earth.* Some who missed the first Earthbound Indiegogo campaign have been kicking themselves in the head for months. Enter Berg of Judea (maybe), who sayeth unto them, “Lo! Earthbound shall rise again, when it assumes its

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Yosh! “Samurai and Dinosaurs” returns to Indiegogo

After coming up short the first time around, the team behind Samurai and Dinosaurs relaunched the project on Indiegogo last week. Described as an homage to the work of legendary filmmakers Akira Kurosawa (Seven Samurai) and Ray Harryhausen (Clash Of The Titans), Samurai and Dinosaurs is a 110-page action/fantasy graphic novel written by Michael Murphy and illustrated by Sergio Calvet.

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Five figures… brah? The Indiegogo campaign for Earthbound comic crosses $10k in final days

Over the weekend, the crowdfunding campaign for Earthbound: Between Two Breaths on Earth ended successfully, raising 247% of its original funding goal for a total of over $10 thousand. Not to be confused with the Nintendo RPG series with a similar name, Earthbound is a manga-influenced science fiction graphic novel created by Per Berg (aka Narwhal). This graphic novel covers

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