Per Berg’s home-invasion graphic novel “Foreign Agent” fully funded on day one

Over the weekend, independent comic book creator Per Berg (aka Narwhal) launched a crowdfunding campaign for Foreign Agent,* a 190-page graphic novel described as a mishmash of military, Winter-western, and home-invasion stories.

The Foreign Agent campaign was an instant success, more than doubling the initial funding goal after the first weekend, having raised more than $12 thousand at the time of this writing. After this encouraging launch, Berg has announced that the first stretch goal – a card stock art pinup – will be unlocked if the book raises $20k.

But what is Foreign Agent all about? Here’s the full breakdown of the book taken from the Foreign Agent Indiegogo campaign page:

Take a Chance on Survival

Foreign Agent is a 190 page graphic novel for teens and adults that follows two soldiers who force their way into a home. There is a language barrier between the soldiers and the family that lives there. They begin exchanging drawings in an attempt to communicate. At this point the comic becomes a comic-within-a-comic, and I have ‘cast’ collaborators A.O.M. and Wayward Nerd to represent the art of the characters within the story.  

The nature of the relationships within the family, as well as the soldiers, isn’t clear. Tension mounts.  Communication is key, and all they have are drawings to exchange. The soldiers are running from something. Will their shaky deal with the family pan out or make things worse?

This book is a full affecting graphic novel, 190 pages. It’s already completely drawn. Funding goes towards a print run and production on future releases from Narwhal Books, including Earthbound, part 2.


Backers can get a softcover edition of Foreign Agent for $25, while a hardcover edition will set you back $40. All books will be signed. If you have more cash to spend, you can pick up several extras, including multiple copies of the book, a sketchbook, an interior cover sketch, and a bonus book titled Narwhal Fitness Zine.

Interested? You can check out some sample artwork below or visit the full Foreign Agent Indiegogo campaign page here.

*Disclosure: the author of this post is a backer of the Foreign Agent Indiegogo campaign, and has previously provided unpaid editing assistance to Per Berg on a previous project.


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